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Grand (GPC)’s R & D Center brings together renowned professionals from domestic and overseas in lithium-ion battery technology. Currently Grand has more than 110 technicist, Bachelor Degree accounting for 80 percent. The company has hired a number of experts with outstanding contributions in the world of rechargeable lithium-ion battery industry as technical consultants. To research the technical problems of high-tech products, the company has with Central South University, Northwestern Polytechnical University (Shenzhen Research Institute) and other universities to establish cooperative research relations and personnel training mechanism.

Technologies we have achieved:

#1 - High Energy Density                              #7 - Excellent Cycle Life

#2 - High Power Density                               #8 - High Rate Discharge Capability

#3 - Fast Charge Capability                         #9 - High Voltage Characteristic

#4 - Fast Discharge Capability                    #10 -  Low Temperature Resistance

#5 - Intelligent Battery Pack Design            #11 - High Temperature Resistance

#6 - Enviromental Friendly Chemistry        ...