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The PX-B600 system contains a 600Wh Li-Ion Battery. It has 110V - 250V AC (300W pure sine wave inverter), 12V DC (Accessories Plugs) and 5V 2.1A (USB) outputs.

The system is charged by either 110V - 250V AC or 18V DC inputs. The DC Input window is from 13V to 28V DC, so can be charged from a vehicle accessories socket with the correct adapter.

The system can be used as a portable Energy Storage System (ESS), or as a UPS system at home to provide uninterruptible power to your critical power applications such as alarm systems, security lighting and cameras, internet point of connection or many other applications. 

The system can supply up to 300W of power at 110V - 250V AC, and up to 230W of power in DC mode.

At 7.4kg, it is light weight and easy to carry with the comfortable ergonomic handle.

The optional foldable Solar panels provide around 80Watts at 18V to recharge the system from flat in around 8 hours. This clever foldable panel set weighs around 1.7kg, is around 1700 x 415 x 8mm when laid out, and is a compact 430 x 292 x 28mm when folded flat.

       The PX-Bx00 system is available with various installed battery capacity from 300Wh to 800Wh.