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GPC Battery skills in Design, R & D, Manufacturing and Marketing of Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Cells. We mainly apply winding and stacking technique in cell making, our cell discharge rate can meet 0.2C, 0.5C, 1C,2C,5C,10C, 20C, 25C, 30C, 35C etc, also cell size and capacity can be custoimized…

Our battery cells are mainly used in:
* Digital product- Power bank, tablet PC, laptop computer, POS machine, navigator, GPS, digital/wearable watch, bluetooth gadgets etc;
* Electric vehicle -  Unmanned Aircraft, Electric motorcycle, electric bicycle, monocycle, remote control device
* Energy storage - Emergency light, solar power system, power grid station, portable power backup, power backpack etc;
* Special usage - Low/High temperature resistance, special shape / size battery cell