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Righteous, Responsible, Improve, 
Innovative, Teamwork 

Welcome to the GPC web site which has just been remodeled in 2015. GPC is a young, righteous, responsible, energetic and innovative company both in the rechargeable polymer lithium-ion batteries fields and battery system's OEM & ODM solutions. It made a good success in the consumer electronics field of applications with its renowned polymer lithium battery technologies, excellent quality and reasonable price. It is set to grow its businesses further in the electric vehicle , electricity energy storage and ODM & OEM fields. As the chairman of the company, it is my pleasure to chart out and drive these growth directions.

While GPC prospers in its businesses, I am also glad to see that we are making contributions to the global environment protection and the reduction of carbon dioxide. As more primary alkaline dry batteries in appliances of daily uses or gadgets are replaced by rechargeable lithium ion/polymer batteries, we are significantly reducing the problems of disposal in landfills and resources needed to manufacture them. Coupled with renewable electricity sources like solar powers, wind powers, etc., electric vehicles can significantly reduce our reliance on crude oils and at the same time the emission of carbon dioxide gases resulting in burning the oils. Electricity energy storage is a key topic in the next

generation electricity power grid design, including smart grids, holding the promise of more efficient operations of power plants and transmissions, which translates to less new power plants to be built and less carbon dioxide emission. It's not only the mission, but also the responsibility for each manufacturer to pay effort to bring us a better greener earth and environment, GPC is also trying our best by contributing in polymer lithium-ion battery technologies and R&D.

May you take a wonderful trip to GPC website and find information within useful, feel free to contact us for any questions.


Sincerely yours,

Peter Lee

Doctor / CEO